CHAPTER 1: The best historians Shell could buy
CHAPTER 2: News story in February 2015: Shell ship named after a Nazi SS Officer
CHAPTER 3: Royal Dutch Shell and the Nazis
CHAPTER 4: Media coverage of Sir Henri Deterding’s death
CHAPTER 5: The Nazi Funeral of Royal Dutch Shell leader Sir Henri Deterding
CHAPTER 6: Great friend of the Germans
CHAPTER 7: “You Can Be Sure of Shell….”
CHAPTER 8: Royal Dutch Shell Anti-Semitism
CHAPTER 9: Deterding’s support for Nazi Stormtroopers
CHAPTER 10: Shell support for the Nazis continued after the retirement of Sir Henri as leader
CHAPTER 11: Shell collaborated in the Nazi annexation of Austria and occupation of Czechoslovakia
CHAPTER 12: Shell’s notorious business partner: IG Farben
CHAPTER 13: Royal Dutch Shell and Nazi slave labor
CHAPTER 14: Control of Royal Dutch Shell companies in Nazi-occupied Europe
CHAPTER 15: Nazi connections relating to Shell
CHAPTER 16: Shell historians attempt to distance Deterding from Hitler
CHAPTER 17: Why does it still matter?
CHAPTER 18: Time for a rare public apology from Shell?
CHAPTER 20: Shell cloak and dagger activities
CHAPTER 21: Wikipedia: The sanitization of Shell’s history
Chapter 22: Author’s unique connection with Shell
CHAPTER 23: Index of Shell leadership financial support for the Nazis


Deterding’s massive funding for Hitlers Winterhilfswerk (added 2 Aug 2019)

Evidence confirms that Shell fuelled the Nazi war machine: First published on 2021

Shell’s effort to help maintain Hitler’s foreign markets thereby aiding the Nazi Government in its direct war against Britain: added October 2021

Royal Dutch Shell Corporate Collaboration with the Nazis: added Oct 2021

Henry van der Waerden, the Shell executive who defied Deterding and his Nazi ambitions

Shell’s toxic Nazi history catching up with the energy giant

Sir Henri Deterding’s admiration and support for another fascist dictator, Mussolini

Royal Air Force Attack on Gestapo HQ in Shell House Copenhagen

Royal Dutch Shell should apologise for antisemitic conduct and Nazi support

Film of Royal Dutch Shell founder Sir Henri Deterding giving a Nazi salute

No atonement from Royal Dutch Shell for its Nazi history

Robert Finn, another Nazi Director of Shell

No apology or compensation for Shell’s blatant antisemitism that killed many loyal Shell employees when Shell was in bed with the Nazis

Royal Dutch Shell’s blind spot towards anti-Semitism, Fascism and Nazism

Royal Dutch Shell founders meetings with Hitler, strong antiSemitic views and financial support for the Nazis

Sir Henry Deterding: Hitlers Paymaster

Royal Dutch Shell leadership: Bring back Sir Henri Deterding: 1 Feb 2014

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Concentration Camp Inmates Had To Rebuild A Nazi Refinery The Koch Brothers’ Dad Helped Construct: See extract below…

In July, approximately 1,000 Hungarian and Czech Jewish women held in Auschwitz were transported to the Neuengamme subcamp in Hamburg and forced to work at rebuilding Germany’s industrial capacity for the war. Another 500 women of Polish Jewish descent arrived in August. By this point, the Nazi death machine was already working to cover up its genocide in concentration camps like Treblinka and Sobibor, even while the murder at Auschwitz continued. The women transferred to the Hamburg subcamp were mostly made to clear rubble from Allied assaults to allow for rebuilding operations. According to a letter sent after liberation by Lisa Neumannova, a laborer at the Hamburg facilities, the women worked at the EuroTank plant in addition to facilities operated by Schindler, Rhenania Ossag (Shell), Ebano-Oehler and Blohm + Voss.

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