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CHAPTER 17: Why does it still matter?

The general public, drivers, investors, relatives of victims of the Holocaust and other Nazi crimes against humanity, are entitled on moral grounds, to be aware of this dark chapter in the history of Royal Dutch Shell. People can then decide on an informed basis if they wish to hold shares in the company, or purchase Shell products.

The purpose of this book is to present the unvarnished history of a very dark chapter in Shell’s past, rather than the spun version paid for by the oil giant. I have also drawn attention to other unethical episodes in the history of Royal Dutch Shell.  read more

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CHAPTER 21: Wikipedia: The sanitization of Shell’s history

Despite the fact that Sir Henri Deterding was a founder and legendary leader of Royal Dutch Shell for almost four decades, at the date of checking on 19 January 2016, there was not a single reference to him in the Wikipedia article – “Royal Dutch Shell”. It was once included. Here is the proof. The article should cover Shell’s entire history, not a sanitized version with no mention of Sir Henri or the Nazis. 

Like the previous one, this chapter is not directly related to Shell’s Nazis history.  read more

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