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CHAPTER 16: Shell historians attempt to distance Deterding from Hitler

Sir Henri Deterding and Adolf Hitler had a four day meeting at Berchtesgaden – Hitler’s mountain top retreat -known as the “The Berghof.”

Shell’s historians downplayed the relationship between Hitler and Deterding. As far they are concerned, the two never met. They said that a request by Sir Henri for a meeting with Hitler in March 1933 was rebuffed and disregarded Deterding’s claim that he met with Hitler in November 1933.  Not only were there meetings. Deterding “was revered and ultimately mourned by Hitler.”

hell’s historians portrayed the relationship between Deterding and Hitler as standoffish on the part of Hitler, with all of Deterding’s attempts to meet with him being rebuffed. See pages 481 to 485 of RDSH V1. read more and its sister websites,,,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article:
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